Innovativ - High-quality architectural concrete

Architectural concrete
We create beauty from architectural concrete that will last for centuries.
Architectural concrete
Durability, style and elegance
Architectural concrete
Your project, Our challenge

Modern interior of your home

Innovativ is a dynamically developing company that offers a wide selection of high-quality flower pots and concrete slabs. The company focuses on innovation, quality, aesthetics, functionality and ecology. The company’s products are highly popular among private customers and companies.

Innovativ cares for the natural environment by using ecological materials and technologies.



How do you clean concrete slabs?

Architectural concrete panels are characterized by their natural, rough appearance, giving the space both inside and outside the building a unique character. To ensure that concrete slabs remain in their original condition, proper care and cleaning is important. To ensure that concrete slabs last as long as possible...

Installing concrete slabs – how do I prepare the surface?


Advantages of concrete flower pots